Marrakesh Country Club


Marrakesh is known throughout the Coachella Valley for its devotion to bridge. There are many fun and different weekly programs of organized play and you can find an informal social game going on most days at the club. Marrakesh also has two certified bridge instructors for group and private lessons. If you wish to be on the bridge email list please email Rick Kirk.

Get a partner (not just for couples), and play Chicago Bridge format.  Having FUN is the rule of the evening! 
Call Aggie O’Neill at 760.346.9780 for more information. 
Dates & Times:  
Wednesdays - 3:00 pm - Check in at 2:45 pm for table assignment. 

Cost  $5


A sanctioned ACBL game. Start with the director's tip of the day and then the game starts. No reservations required, but you must have a partner. Members, house guests and renters are welcome. Outside guests welcome if accompanied by a member. Call Rick Kirk, Manager of Marrakesh Bridge Club with questions. 760.837.9337.

Dates & Times:  Fridays at 1:30 pm to 5:00 pm, with the option to enjoy Happy Hour at the club afterwards.

Cost  $10

Bridge ClassesThe Marrakesh Bridge Club is fortunate to have two bridge instructors, who teach all playing levels from beginners to advanced players.  Guy and Karol Monroe are ACBL certified instructors and Gold Life Masters, . They have been involved with the Marrakesh Bridge Club since 2007. Karol will hold a Beginning Bridge & Basic Brush up series every November, as well as an all-day bridge festival, which usually sells out early. After the first of the year, the Monroes will offer two class series for members, renters and guests. One series will be for intermediate-to-advanced players and a separate series will be for players that are learning or need a refresher class. They are also available for private instruction via e-mail at