Marrakesh Country Club

Pool & Spas

Fourteen pools and spas are located around Marrakesh for the enjoyment of members, renters and guests. Pool #2 on Tangier Drive is salt water, and kept at 90º. The remaining pools are kept at a comfortable 81-84º and the spas at 100-104º. Most of the pool heaters are enhanced with solar; however, due to high energy costs, occasionally it is necessary to turn the heat off at a few of the pools. There will be postings in the newsletter and e-blasts when this is necessary. Periodically the spas will be heated by request only as an additional energy-saving measure, Please enjoy your preferred pool location and we ask that you review the rules and regulations for more information about the pools. Call the Marrakesh Administration office if you have any questions or concerns.

A hydraulic lift is available at pool #2 for those in need of a little assistance getting in and out of the pool. The remote can be obtained at the main security gate.

All heaters for pool and spas are off for the summer with the exception of #2 Pool on Tangier 

Daily - 6:00 am to 10:00 pm