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Marrakesh Country Club is one of the great classic clubs of the desert. Conceived by John Dawson, the developer of Eldorado and Thunderbird, he imagined a club of distinctive style and proportion that would echo the style, and edge, of Hollywood. Dawson chose John Elgin Woolf, famous for Hollywood Regency design, for the residences and club and Ted Robinson for the compact golf course.  The result is stunning! The “Jewel of the Desert” is recognizable to everyone familiar with the Coachella Valley for its architectural heritage, its immediate elegance on entering its gates and looking up at the ‘hilltop” clubhouse, its fantastic food and social life, and a golf course often called “little Augusta”. 

Marrakesh Country Club is a private, member owned club. Membership is extended by invitation. Full Membership is associated with residential ownership in Marrakesh. Application for membership is part of the process of becoming a resident. Limited Non Residential membership, based on member sponsor, is available.

Marrakesh is an exceptional community, diverse in age, background, and region of origin, with a strong tradition of multi generational families and friends that encourage other friends. It welcomes members who share the passion and pride for what Marrakesh has become and the aesthetic and social tradition that it represents.

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