Marrakesh Country Club

Tennis & Pickleball

Play tennis and/or Pickleball with a beautiful view of the San Jacinto Mountains on our lighted outdoor tennis courts.

TENNIS: Meet up at the courts on Saturday mornings at 9:00 am on the Tennis Courts No charge Member Contact: Mary McConnell - 760.773.4905.  Members, Renters and Guests are welcome. 

PICKLEBALL :  Meet Mondays & Fridays at 9:00 am at the Tennis Courts Member Contact: Jan Palmer 925.963.6334 or Joan Hobin 760.861.8610 

The learning curve for Pickleball is much less than for other sports. Four people of any age can enjoy the game and once you start playing you don't want to stop! It's extremely addictive, enjoyable and also inexpensive; best of all, it takes less time to play than other sports. It's a very social game giving players the opportunity to meet other enthusiasts from all walks of life, so come on down to the courts Monday and Friday mornings at 9:00am and see for yourself….you'll like it, and it’s great exercise too!! We have paddles and balls so all you need is a fun attitude and good court shoes! You can check out paddles and balls at the golf shop or after hours… Jan has equipment at her house. Lessons are also available.