Marrakesh Country Club

Pools & Spas

For your relaxation, exercise and refreshment, our 14 outdoor pools and spas are thoughtfully situated in intimate and nearly private locations. Our pools are the ideal place to lounge, jump in to swim laps, enjoy a water aerobics class or simply enjoy the scenery and warm sun.  Pools are open for use from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. We have one Salt Water pool located on Tangier Drive (pool #2)

Pool Rules:

1.             NO lifeguards are on duty.

2.             Only infants who are toilet-trained are permitted in pools.

3.             No child less than twelve years of age may use the pool unless attended by a parent or attending adult.

4.             No child less than ten (10) years of age may use the Jacuzzis (therapy pools) at any time.

5.             Toys, floats, inflated rubber tubes and the like are not permitted in the therapy pool.  They are not to be used in the regular pool if they in any way interfere with the use and enjoyment of others.

6.             No loud or boisterous noise is permitted at any time.  Radios, if played, must be kept at very low volume so as not to disturb those who prefer a quiet atmosphere.  Ear phones are encouraged.

7.             Pets are not permitted in the area of the pools, on a leash or otherwise.

8.             Pool adjustments for temperature and times are not to be altered.  The swimming pool will be kept in the 80-84 degree range. 

9.             No skateboards, roller skates, roller blades, bicycles or the like are permitted in the pool area.

10.        Private pool parties require approval from the Board of Directors at least fourteen (14) days in advance. Notice of intention must be posted upon approval or at least fourteen (14) days in advance.  Only Marrakesh homeowners   may schedule/request pool parties.      

11.          No glassware or china is permitted in pool area.  Only unbreakable plastic, cans or paper products are permitted.

12.          Pool furniture is not to be removed from pool deck or placed on adjacent lawn.

13.         Shirts or robes must be worn in the Marrakesh complex including when traveling to and from pool areas.  Bathing attire must be worn in the pool area at all times, including children of all ages. Changing children’s attire at the   pool is prohibited.

14.          The pool area must be kept clean of all litter, including suntan oil or lotion bottles, newspapers or magazines.

15.          Read instructions under the switch for Jacuzzi (therapy pool).  If they are manual, they must be turned off after each use.

16.          Please use the shower prior to entering pool if you have applied oils or lotions.  Protect pool chairs and lounges by using towels.

17.          Use of “quick tan” lotions is prohibited as it stains furniture permanently.

18.          Shoes, sandals or thongs must be worn when entering the pool area.  Adjacent lawns may be used for lying or sitting.  Before entering the pool, all grass must be removed from feet, body or suit by showering.

19.          Running on decks and diving into the pool is not permitted.

20.          Only authorized personnel are permitted in the pool equipment and storage rooms.

21.          People with long hair should tie it back or wear bathing caps for the protection of pumps and filters.