Marrakesh Country Club

Mission Statement

The Mission of Marrakesh Country Club

The mission of Marrakesh Country Club and Marrakesh Community Association is to provide a welcoming, inclusive community which values and respects all members and employees, while maintaining high ethical standards.  Provides social, dining and recreational opportunities which encourage the interaction of its members and guests. 

Preserves and upholds its unique architectural, landscape and cultural heritage, while following sound and transparent principles of finance and governance.



Marrakesh Country Club has 50 plus years of good life: A life of style, distinctive design in houses, club, and landscape, an evident commitment to quality, and a recreational and social life of envy to all others. Marrakesh is one of the genuinely Classic clubs of the Coachella Valley. It is a uniquely boutique club conceived and developed by John Dawson and designed by John Elgin Woolf. Its legacy of relationship to the other Classic clubs in the valley is very evident. Marrakesh has a fine location in Southern Palm Desert, a perfect proportion of land to residences, Club, and golf course, with an integrity and harmony without parallel in any other club community in the valley. It is in a class by itself.  Our strategic objective is to keep it this way.